Sunday, February 19, 2012

From Oldest to Youngest

Let me start with a family rundown... I will try to keep this a simple as I can for a family this size..  but think it will explain a lot as you will probably hear many of these names referred to as I blog. These family.. are my truest friends that love me unconditionally. They have seen me at my best and at my worst. They have been my shoulder to cry on, my support, my laughter, and my sanity.. we all share the "Hohman" name.. so they get me!

So I will begin with my parents.. Ron and Sharon Hohman.
 They have shared a marriage of 40+ yrs.. 
My dad is simple to describe.. my rock. He is a true picture of my Heavenly Father's love. He has taught me to run to Him first.. and like Him, my father is always steady, always faithful, willing to listen and guide me back on track when I seem lost. I am known to be a Daddy's girl so I am told. Not only is he my dad... but Grace's Pop.. If you ask her she will tell you.. Pop is a super hero! That works me for me at the moment as she is 3.. and what 3 year old doesn't deserve a super hero! 
My mom.. well that one can get long.. that is why I dedicated a page to her :) 
She is truly amazing. Raising 8 kids is not a feat many would take on. She is now not just my mother but my friend. She is always honest and speaks truth in my life daily..She is the woman my daughter is named after, and a GiGi to her 8 grand kids.. there will be more to come on her!

The oldest is my sister Nicole.. she is married to my brother in law Chris. Nicole is the true definition of a big sister. You get nothing but spoiled whenever you visit her house. She will cheer each of us on no matter what we are attempting. She is a strong woman.. one I look up to and admire. She has faced her hard days, yet she has come out on top. She is fun loving and Grace adores her "Cole".. there is no doubt they will be friends for life!

Next in line is my oldest brother Ron Jr.. He is a man whose life I admire.. a life I have learned so much from.. but a life that ended much too soon in 2002 from a fatal car accident. I'm sure I will share more in posts to come.. He lived only 27 yrs and is the father to a precious boy - Ron Hohman III (Trey). He is missed greatly in this family.. He had the ability to find good in everyone he met. He loved music and was incredibly gifted.

On to my brother Aaron.. another good man. He and I are probably as opposite as they come in personalities.. yet our friendship has grown as I have gotten older. He is the father to 3 of the most beautiful children.. and married to my sister in law Kylene. Aaron is a strong man, he is always looking out for me. He has some of the best advice on life and spiritual truths and parenting. He is definitely the guy you want to take on any adventure.. cause there is no doubt he is bringing the fun! 

My sister Terah... She I think can read my mind at times. She has always been there to catch me when I fall.. She brings nothing but sheer laughter when she is around. She has a passion for Christ that burns brightly.. She has a heart for the broken like none I have ever seen. She is a loving soul, beautiful, and honestly..I believe somehow my daughter Grace turned out just like her!

Another sister.. Leah... She is a loving mother of  2 handsome little boys and married to her perfect match, Jason. Leah, as many would describe her, is "black and white", there are no blurred lines with her, but she has a heart of love. She never talks down, she constantly encourages with either a scripture verse or sharing something she got from a Bible Study. She is a prayer warrior and truly one of the godliest examples I know. She is also my 'mommy friend' as her oldest is just a few months older then my Grace.

Now for my last brother, Seth, who is married to my sister in law Lindsey and they have an adorable baby boy, Turner. He and I are 2 yrs apart, so most of my memories, he and my younger sister are always in them. Seth gets me better then I get myself at times I think. He has been through a lot of life with me and we share many of the same friends. He is my protector. He is a giving man, and a hard worker, driven and focused.

And the baby of the family.. Allison.. better known to us as Bubbs! She is also my very opposite. This had its pros and cons growing up.. Allison is independent, strong willed, and most definitely outspoken. She also has constantly been by my side through life. She was with me through my pregnancy,the hospital for Grace's birth and 2 weeks after. She spoils me with kindness, and now lives in the same state as me! To Grace, she is Tia.. and well Grace is always getting something new or special on her visits with Tia! Being the youngest two of the family.. we formed a bond at a young age that I am certain will never be broken.

There is my beautiful family... Hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy talking about them :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Entering the Blog World

Tonight after many laughs and my sister in law - Lindsey Hohman's creative expertise.. I finally have a blog that I am proud to begin. 

I have allowed myself to get far too consumed between all the busyness of running the boutique and giving my daughter Grace all the "Mommy attention" she demands, I had always put off setting my blog up. 
I look forward to getting to share some of my life.. but for now I know my morning wake up call will be far too soon. Welcome to my blog, if you have any interest in fashion.. even on a budget, having a little girl and all their silliness, or have ever been broken, starting over.. I hope you will find some enjoyment, laughs and comfort here.